A slice of the broader narrow picture

Last night was UNfairplay’s first ever side event!

Side event = boring, dry, uninspiring? Not necessarily, I know I have been surprised at how engaging issues of participation have been for those involved in UNfairplay, and to those who we try to convey our findings too. Our aim was to draw attention to the report but also to highlight other schemes created to plug participation gaps at the UNFCCC. I think the reason our arguments are gaining traction and interest from all sides is very simply because they are issues of justice, and plain unfairness. My parents always hated my “its not fair” phase at the age of 7, well it’s back.

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Money, money, money

You may or may not know, I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t, but the Subsidiary Body on Implementation (SBI), which is a stream of the talks, currently has on its agenda a number of important ideas for improving civil society participation in this process.

These ideas include setting up an online consultation system for every major agenda item that is being discussed. This would act as a means of gauging support, recieiving alernatives before they are discussed, and possibly during negotiations, but online so the proposer does not need to be in attendance of meeting (potentially); also for a larger number of meetings to be webcast (although this probably still excludes closed meetings); a voluntary trust fund to aid participation of observers from certain developing countries.

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Passionate Pragmatism


The UNfairplay team for week 1

Hello from Bonn, I’m Sophie and I’m new to Unfairplay.

Coming along to Bonn as my first involvement in the UNFCCC process has been a steep learning curve.

So what has my experience so far been?

This is a world of acronyms. At time it feels almost like learning a new language. It can be rather confusing, but as with learning a new language, it comes with a buzz as you realise you are slowly starting to get your head around it. On that note, here’s an update from Unfairplay and an insight into some of what the team have been up to this week.

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Christiana gets it…

Christiana Figueres reading the report 'Levelling the Playing Field'

I hope we haven’t left you waiting for an update from Bonn for too long. The lack of reporting fortunately does not mean we have been inactive, in fact, the opposite is the case. Conny has been in Bonn since Monday, and Isobel, Isabel , Lena and Sophie have joined her tuesday night.

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Not a typical Sunday

Sunday was definately not a day of rest for UNfairplay, step by step the team is getting familiar with the little details of the project and feel more confident to talk about it. Today we did a presentation at the Conference of Youth presenting the three main streams of UNfairplay: Logistical Support, Archives and Filling Information Gaps. Quite impressively the day turned out to be really focused on those three main streams. Hence the organisation of the presentation.

Logistical Support: at the workshop we gave we found more then 5 youth delegations ready to help us by taking notes. A woman from the Mexican governement in Charge of the Environmental program, got really interested in our project and really wants us to be on a database of organisations for young mexicans with sponshorship who want to get involved in Climate Changes. Yhé !

Archives: Also at COY6 we found some really interested youth to help translate our documents into French and Spanish… It is a really good start. On top of this we have  been promoting the website delegationsupport.wordpress.com to any youth delegation taking notes in the meetings. Lets see how that goes.

Filling Information Gaps: probably the most exiting one. Today we talked with Bill McKibben a.k.a. Mr 350.org and he is really enthousiastic about our project. Like us he thinks it is outrageous that no transcrips of the meetings are being published, cutting out a lot of representative’s access to the information (since the webcasts are really long and painful to watch if english is not your first language). He kindly proposed to write about us on the 350 blog, and do what he can to help us. Jeremy Osborn another important member of 350 (who kindly acredidated us) also gave us really positive comments on the depth of our investigation.

Finally the day ended with a really non-expected non-existant-que to get our accreditation and a really non-understood fast-track pass to the bus to downtown!

Tomorrow, the real things start : 1,2,3, GO!


If you would like to attend the negotiations in Cancun solely as a volunteer for UNfairplay, from 29th November – 10th December 2010, and need accreditation, please email us at: unfairplay.fig@gmail.com

STOP PRESS: the guide is ready!

UNfairplay’s guide to supporting delegations at the UN Climate Negotiations is now available to download from the toolbar at the bottom of the website underneath the comments on each page.

It offers guidance on getting accredatation, media coverage, places to stay, travelling and stories of our experiences that you can learn from.

Feel free to download and share as much as you like

UNfairplay Love