If you would like to attend the negotiations in Cancun solely as a volunteer for UNfairplay, from 29th November – 10th December 2010, and need accreditation, please email us at:


this is not goodbye

Hello everyone!

First of all, all of us who took part in UNfair play would like to say thanks for everyone’s lovely comments and support throughout COP15.

We have had a very positive response from everyone we supported, and also friends, family, strangers and campaigners; with everyone asking the same question: how can we get involved?!

The group of us at COP15 were a hotch potch of friends, and we all think that UNfairplay needs to continue in some form. To this end we have decided to keep the blog running so that anyone (and by that we mean any of you who gain access to the negotiations and wish to support under represented delegations) who supports country delegations in the UNFCCC. This blog is open to you as a platform, just get in touch.

After some discussion we don’t feel that it is appropriate for us to spearhead some kind of ‘delegation’ and organised project that takes a set of people for this job to every meeting. We lack the capacity, and it’s so easy to do we don’t think it┬ánecessary. However, we are of course here for you to probe/question/sap of information so that you can get yourself there. Use us.

So, keep your peripheral on the blog, it will remain active according to the dates of intercessionals and COP’s and if you’re interested in getting involved further email Isabel at

Here’s to THE year of 2010!

Isabel, Alex, Jess, Kirsti, Charlie, Tina, Jon, Sam, Jamie and Katie